Mighty Hill

The Hill Audiorium is a quaint, and rather subdued building on the University of Michigan’s central campus. Its dark brick red and pillared exterior is a calm feel to its lavish and grand interior. I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting the auditorium twice over the three years that I’ve been here. A walk down to Potbelly’s always makes me stop and think about Hill though.

On this particular day, I did more than just stop and look. I had my camera handy and took a few shots and have picked the best one to put up here. I was going to post the original color shot however changing the image to black & white has added depth to the image. A vignette edge is the only other manipulation to focus on the auditorium. None of my images are post-processed to add any elements that would not be possible in the darkroom. I try to keep my images exactly as I had shot them.

Mighty Hill

Mighty Hill


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