munky spotted a bird

This past Saturday, I went rowing with a group of friends. We rented out kayaks at the local Argo Canoe Livery and rowed down the 3.7mi section of the Huron River to Gallup Park.  The fear of dropping my camera into the river was always on my mind but in the end, I managed to get some great shots (including some of my buddy crashing into a wall). I managed to get my kayak stuck twice on a bed of rocks too, not once but twice.

I’m very bad with recognizing birds – once mistaking an eagle to be a crow – and still can’t tell the difference. Anyway, if you do know what the bird is please educate me in the comments below.

Ruler of the Rock

Ruler of the Rock


One response to “munky spotted a bird”

  1. Anonymous says :

    It looks like a duck

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