motown mothership

Yesterday, I visited the ghostly city of Detroit. Though, the riverfront is bustling with people, the same cannot be said about the rest of the city. Thousands have left for greener pastures after the crash of the big automakers. Motown as it used to be is not same anymore. However, one beacon of hope stands out; the GM Renaissance Center. To me, the monstrous skyscraper with its connected towers and curving hallways seems like a mothership. I’m sure deep down in the basement of the mothership lies secret labs and self sustaining supply silos. Imagination has no boundaries and if I were to have design something like the centre which looks like it comes straight out of the 60’s sci-fi world fairs.

The most important thing however, is that at the heart of it all it shows the might of human engineering and imagination. The architecture is a mix of concrete hallways and glass walkways. The circular design of the building is even more intriguing indoors than can be seen from the outside. It truly is the Mothership!

munky thinks that motown has its own USS Enterprise

munky thinks that motown has its own USS Enterprise


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2 responses to “motown mothership”

  1. Shayaan Khanna says :

    Breathtaking Mayank! Super to see your work which I have heard lots about…

  2. MG says :

    Your imagination coupled with artistic tone has certainly impressed me to have a deep look into it though thousand of pictures pass under my nose every day because of my profession.keep up good work

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