nickels arcade

Another prominent structure in Ann Arbor is Nickels Arcade. Its home to a barber – where I learned the American number system for haircuts – and some novelty and clothing stores. The entire place exudes a feeling of antiquity. Its like you’re transported back in time. Even though its a short walk across the arcade’s walkway, its a path many usually take to hold off from the freezing winter winds or else to just enjoy being surrounded by history. One of the most beautiful sights on campus, its a must see for any Ann Arbor visitor – and honestly there aren’t hundreds of things to see – so this is definitely high up on the visitor locations. I’m just joking about Ann Arbor’s sights though. The truth is, the more I walk downtown, the more I notice things I’ve never seen before. One of them is the alley on East Liberty with graffiti. If I had more guts, I swear I would shoot some pictures but for now all I do is walk by.

munky is loving the results hdr is giving him

munky is loving the results hdr is giving him


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One response to “nickels arcade”

  1. studiophototrope says :

    Nice shot.
    May I make a suggestion without offending you? After you finish all your work on the image, use a “Selective Color” adjustment in Photoshop and add some “relative” black and/or white to your images. I found it to be a really helpful tweak in hdr work.

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