bs central

Well there is a joke amongst engineers that put Business School students into the category they deserve; BS. After all if any of the recent problems with the economy should tell us anything, these people are not be trusted at all. They are the SUITS. They like to believe they have great power but all they do is make plans and then BS their way through it. They talk of hope and promise and everything else you might read in a self-help book but if you wanted a straight answer with a definitive solution – forget it.

Was that a little too much for you BS people?

The Ross School of BS is nearing completion. The building hopes to show clear lines and forward thinking through its definitive lines, reflective glass and bright orange/red colors but we all know what this truly is – BS Central.

All those friends who were offended by this should be ready to take another blow after four years of hearing this everyday. The only other thing that saves them is probably a Lawyer – wait isn’t that pronounced Liar.

munky is having fun standing up for engineers!

munky is having fun standing up for engineers!


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