four angels

Following up on the ‘four texans‘ comes ‘four angels’. Performing at the Independence Day Airshow in Traverse City, the Blue Angels were a treat to watch. They entered the bay in arrowhead formation flying so low, I swear my ears were ecstatic and burning with joy. What followed was mind boggling spins, dives and airshow tomfoolery. But I didn’t mind. I love airplanes and combat ones are icing on the cake. The sheer speed and deftness with which the pilots negotiated low level turns and switch-overs made my day extraordinary. I was entranced and my telephoto never once left sight of the the mind boggling flips and barrel rolls. To me the Blue Angels are extra special. Their color scheme is a perfect symphony to the Michigan Wolverines. If you look closer, you might even spot the shiny yellow helmets of the pilots beneath the canopies. In another lifetime when I don’t have weak eyesight, I wish to learn how to fly. The ability to take to the skies is a beautiful feeling. And I don’t care if I’m not flying one of these combat planes, I’ll be happy with a simple Cessna or Piper setup.

munky wants to soar through the sky like a flying munky

munky wants to soar through the sky like a flying munky


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