flipped perspective

Walk down East Liberty Street from State Theater and its a visual journey of epic proportions. Its easy to miss a lot of things here so take it slow. Observe the painting by Richard Wolk on the Potbelly’s wall. You may even miss this alley with graffiti work completely. I’m not the most daring of kinds and hence didn’t want to risk going in there all alone but even from the outset, I’m sure this alley might surprise me. One day I’m walking down this alley!

I would have presented the image in its true perspective but where is the fun in that. The only way I could make you understand how truly beautiful the ceiling was to flip it on its head. Sometimes you focus on detail upside down than you would otherwise. And I’m not referring to M.C. Escher paintings which are hard to understand from any perspective. I hope for a minute there I had you nauseating too trying to figure out if you were seated upright.

munky likes flipping things on their heads

munky likes flipping things on their heads


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2 responses to “flipped perspective”

  1. MG says :

    A combination of art and a thought of presenting it most artistically and with a punch of good descriptive skill. Great image.

  2. Nelson says :

    Hey Mayank,

    Long time no see. I randomly found my way to your blog and have been looking at your pictures now for about an hour. They are great. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been in that alley a few times myself (never by myself of course) and I think it’s one of Ann Arbors best kept secrets. Keep up the good work.


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