dark times

We are in dark times. The world (most of it) is in recession and people are losing their very sources of livelihood because some people (wall street) got too greedy. Michigan, which was already in a downward spiral after going bankrupt last year is now in a worse crisis than ever. The failing auto industry is being forced to rethink the American concept of more is better. Why did we wait till the moment got so bad to take this step?

Times, however will change and the coming of President-elect Barack Obama will give hope to the struggling American classes. It will take time nonetheless. A faulty economy like ours won’t self-correct immediately. We will have to move on (as time stops for nobody) and this time I think we should put a lot more thought and action into change. The next two years may be sluggish and slow to growth. But if we brave the storm and enforce radical change into the way our systems work, this will be the most important lessons learned.

What annoys me the most about this, however is the fact that merely a week after receiving bailout cash, AIG executives were partying it up at a retreat. Why is there such carelessness and total lack of accountability for our actions? It seems all along, we have been putting our trust and money into the hands of people who hardly care or have the sense to understand the implications of their actions.

I know this issue has been beaten to death and every journalist out there will be covering this for another year. So without taking any more of your time, enjoy this photograph.

munky wants you to hold on and brave the storm

munky wants you to hold on and brave the storm


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