light cometh

Since this blog works in reverse order, I will write this post first. Since we are in dark times, all hope is not yet lost. The resilience of us humans, is that we tend to find ways to survive the worst of these debacles. So if you think you’re in bad times, all is not lost. The light at the end of the tunnel is really there and it will come soon.

I know I’m throwing in a lot of cliches and you’re probably thinking, what the hell does this guy know about recession? You’re right, I’m not one of the thousands who’ve lost their jobs to this crisis and my preachings are no good unless it comes from experience. However, I believe there is nothing wrong in spreading a little hope around. Even if this doesn’t make you feel better, writing this and reassuring myself that better times will come has already made me stronger.

The photograph was shot by U-Go’s in Pierpont Commons on North Campus. The dark corridor leading up to the windows with the streaming lights is parallel to the light at the end of the tunnel. However, symbolically, I also like to think of the windows on the left that stream light as a constant guidance and change that will get us there. At this moment you’re probably thinking, this blogger is insane. But, finding some meaning in life gives it a lot more pleasure. Plus I’m also being as analytical as my high school English teacher.

munky is looking at photographs like poetry

munky is looking at photographs like poetry


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