sky hole

I shot this really cool cloudscape yesterday. It was hovering over University Towers almost like it was an opening for some superhero. Putting my wishful and super-imaginative thinking aside, I was astounded when I saw this image after taking it. I captured exactly what I saw. And that is the reason I enjoy photography so much. Its a part of me. It gives me placeholders for sights I’ve seen. Its like a to-do list of reminders telling me not to forget this time.

munky finds the hole in the sky both eerie and beautiful

munky finds the hole in the sky both eerie and beautiful


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2 responses to “sky hole”

  1. scaryreasoner says :

    Nice. Usually with scenes like this, either the sky comes out too overexposed and washed out, or the foreground is too underexposed and too blackened, unless you take special precautions with a graduated neutral density filter, which means a stopped down aperture to get the thing to work — which doesn’t always work very well in low light situations, or else combining differently exposed multiple exposures. To get this in a single exposure — you’re lucky the artificial lights in the foreground were there, and that the light levels matched the light levels of the sky, damped as they were by the clouds, well enough so that it all fit within the available dynamic range.

  2. mayankgarg says :


    This image really surprised me. However, I must say that I tweaked with the curves slightly to get to this. Getting that saturated feel was very important for me.

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