mumbai healing

I’m sick and disgusted over the attacks that left another hole in the resilience of the people of Mumbai. The terror has struck this city since the bomb blasts in 1993 and the train attacks in 2006. The fragility of human life has been tested day in and day out by terrorists, but this city recovered. However, we’ve had enough. Anger, grief, vengeance, despair and loss are all part of the equation as human life is involved. But I think its high time we took a stance.

The 58 hour battle that endued between the terrorists and security claimed innocent lives as in the past. So what must we do now. Wait and let things heal. No. We should as citizens of India and the world, collaborate our efforts to inform the government what actions must be taken to ensure security. The government though partially to blame needs our help. We can’t put it all on them but we shouldn’t sit back either and watch the news unfold. Step up, raise your voice and put your comments here. Lets build an action plan to help the people of India find a way to make change happen.

The recent US Presidential elections showed that if we talk about this and force our voices online on this massive media platform, we too can make a difference. So speak up and lets find out what we should do to deal with these events.

India had the POTA (Prevention of Terrorists Activities Act) but as the political systems’ fallacies have shown us, it has been a failure. Why are the states in India so disparate in dealing with issues that affect the nation. Why can’t we put our cultural parities aside and look at this as New India. To me an extremist is an extremist. He takes innocent lives and destroys the equilibrium of society. Lets put religion, communal-ism and petty issues out of the picture. At the basis of it all, don’t think of yourselves coming from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh or any of the other states, be an Indian first. We can tackle this problem. If we get complacent to just watching the news, grieving over it for a couple of days and letting another event wake us up again, it would have been too late.

So, India and all the people online, raise your voices. If the Indian political system thinks its can outdo us by playing the alliance trump card, we too can do one but for our benefits and voices. This shouldn’t only be a collective of only angry voices spilling out their grief through anger. I, for one think having a centralized command structure enforced in all states and information/intelligence channels being revised would help ease communication problems within the security forces itself. Please put your loyalties for a city or state aside, instead put all that collective energy into thinking for India.

On a last note, I would like to extend my condolences to all those who lost loved ones. I may have not lost a loved one but I’m determined to fight for your cause and the cause of humanity in general. The National Security Guards, Anti-Terrorist squad, Police, Firemen and all other security forces that fought through the 58 hour battle, I salute you.

munky wants the world to pitch in to destroy terrorism collectively

munky wants the world to pitch in to destroy terrorism collectively


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