time lessons

In 2003, I attended the Global Young Leaders’ Conference (GYLC link). It was a life changing experience for me. The shy, quiet and reserved boy broke out of his cocoon. He began to take action and talk to people more often. Yes it changed me a lot.

A very important phrase I learnt at GYLC was the one above. It was to make sure you were there for all the events. The events were tightly integrated on an itinerary and hence if you didn’t follow this then trust me you would have been left behind.

I can’t say that I’ve followed this mantra since then. However, I think its one of the most important lessons I’ve learned. I would like to utilize this in my daily routine but procrastination seeps in at times and I get complacent. I keep this as a wallpaper now to remind myself to get back to work and focus my energies effectively.

Only if Firefox had a feature wherein this image was flashed once every 30 minutes then I wouldn’t spend so much time reading RSS feeds.

The wallpaper version of this can be found here: Time Lessons Flickr Page

I’ve only made a widescreen version, I will create a standard resolution too and upload soon.

munky is repeating the phrase 108 times

munky is repeating the phrase 108 times


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2 responses to “time lessons”

  1. Adithya says :

    I remember that line. Its like a mantra for these people and it makes absolute sense too

  2. madhur says :

    thanks its much better than the post-it at my workstation

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