shukriya dhanyavaad

The above two words from Hindi reciprocate the same feeling, ‘Thank You’. Your visits and views on this blog has made it hit chart (rank 18) once again for ‘Blogs of the Day'(link here).  Thank you for your visits and do come back.

Leave me a comment if you like my work, don’t like it, suggestion, criticism or you just want to talk about the subject and the imagery. I’d love to hear your take on my images. Tell me what do you see that I don’t? Or do my images make sense at all.

For the two images on the Mumbai Vigil at UM, Ann Arbor head here: mumbai remembered, we remember

I said I would explain my thought behind ‘beating heart’ (link), the imagery to me is important, because the light fixture represents the heart core and light emanating from it is life. The glow of the light casts a heart shaped light glow and you can seen if you look carefully enough. I may be trying too hard here but imagery is the most beautiful part of life so why not enjoy it.

munky wants to thank the world!

munky wants to thank the world!


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One response to “shukriya dhanyavaad”

  1. MG says :

    Good one. It is a great effort to stimulate national and patriotic feelings specially when it is needed most. Sometimes images have long lasting effect than words but when you have images and words put together for a cause, it has a feeling coming from mind and heart both.Good work. Keep it up.

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