childhood banana

This has always been one of my favourite ways in which I’ve enjoyed bananas in my childhood. A very simple recipe my mom would make for me everytime I wanted a banana with a twist. The banana is split with a knife down the center almost like a bun but never completely slicing it. In the middle, chaat masala (indian spice for fruit salads) is added in amounts based on taste.

Eating it is like travelling back into my childhood. Why do we forget the most basic things we enjoyed when we were kids. Think now of something you enjoyed a long time ago but haven’t had recently. You might bump into something that you will cherish as something from the past that defines you. I’m also missing Baskin Robbins’ Banana Split for another childhood memory.

Oh btw the masala is Catch. And for those who want to dive into the past of some excellent Indian food products. This one is definitely up there for me. Also Roopak masalas from Delhi.

munky loves this banana from the past!

munky loves this banana from the past!


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One response to “childhood banana”

  1. MG says :

    Bananas are good for health too. Think of printing a pictorial book on Ann arbor which should have your work done so far.

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