zero degrees

About the design: A dedication to a track that I’ve come to love. The background grunge texture is from AsunderStock at deviantart (link)

I discovered Shulman over the Summer through a friend. I was instantly hooked onto the duo from the Israel putting out ambient electronica. If I ever need to focus myself to get work done, Shulman’s albums always come in handy. Their music acts like an energizer bar. I can listen to their albums for hours on end and get enough work done. I’ve always been a fan of ambient and world music and listened to Enigma, Karunesh, Dead Can Dance and the Buddha Bar collections while I was growing up. Lately I’ve been looking for new world fusin music and Shulman hasn’t disappointed. They’ve very quickly entered my favourite artists selection.

My favourite tracks from them are the following:

1. Transmission in Bloom

2. Zero Degrees

3. Ra He Ya

4. Ya Bouy

5. OMG

Another great artist that I’ve come back to again and again is Nitin Sawhney. The album ‘Beyond Skin’ is my all time favourite by him.

Amazon links:


Nitin Sawhney

If you know a song from this genre, post it here. I love to hear out new music.

munky has listened to zero degrees over and over since last night!

munky has listened to zero degrees over and over since last night!


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  1. fluidblog says :

    Check the free exclusive download mix of Shulman here:

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