arcadian antiques

I’m always honest in my posts except for perhaps the weird imaginative parallels that I throw out here. However, I have sadly not entered this little shop but only been a window shopper. The approaching holiday season has spread its arms through the Nickels Arcade too leaving it decked like a house on Christmas Eve. Its beautiful, almost angelic. I have never before been so enchanted (yes guys do get enchanted, we like to call it intrigued). But I was truly taken in by the little archway that hundreds pass through every day but few save glances. They merely want to feel special just because they are in such a beautiful microcosm within Ann Arbor.

The stone arches with carvings and a serifed title proclaims it subtly with its grey tones but also with age. It looks forth with the dominance of being in the center of it all on campus. People who’ve been through Nickels probably come back to reminisce of old times. I would want to do that one day. It would be like travelling back in time. I now understand why college always seems more like an educational experience to people rather than an academic one. Going through a new place and understanding it. Acclimatizing to the weather of that place till you’re summers or winters back home are hotter or colder now. And part of that experience is to live through and take in some of the best places you’ve enjoyed and been through here. Walk through them and truly allow yourself to observe your surroundings till you feel a certain connection with the place. Only then will you truly know what adding a place to your memory is. My life is changing every day for the better because of it.

I have passed by the Arcadian Antiques, the Tobacconist, Van Boven and the barber shop and always enjoyed my walk through the atrium but never truly experienced it. Today seeing it in festive mood as seen in the ornate decorations that adorns Arcadian, has made me enjoy and cherish this moment of Ann Arbor forever.

The photograph was post processed in HDR and hence the colors are ever so vivid. I see some new layer of detail every time I look at this photo.

munky needs to shut his eyes or they'll pop

munky needs to shut his eyes or they'll pop


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One response to “arcadian antiques”

  1. Marie says :

    I really enjoyed your blog on the Nickles Arcade. I have been in the Arcadian Antiques a million and one times and was very excited to see that someone else finds it so appealing. I thought the way they decorated their store this last holiday season was so charming, I can’t wait to see what they come up with this next year 🙂

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