mister claus

I was recently over to a friend’s house. His mom is one of the best interior decorators I know. She has the ability to turn a space into ‘home’ through the fluent use of trinkets and little items that add a positive vibe. I’ve never before seen her Christmas decorations. I was genuinely pleased given the opportunity. The ginger bread cake hut (which I’ll be posting soon) and these little town settings on the mantle were exquisite.

I like seeing Mr. Claus here out in plain sight giving gifts. I always assumed Mr. Claus wore a black cape, dropped in through the chimney and left as stealthily as he had entered. I guess Mr. Claus has overcome his shyness.

Putting jokes aside, tis’ the season of giving. The country is hurting from one of the worst economic crises. However, a gift no matter how small or inconsequential you may think of it will make that somebody special’s day. So go out and give not only materialistic gifts but instead love and care. Think about the genocides in Africa and turmoil elsewhere where people are living through hostile conditions. Think about them for a moment and ask yourself if you’re not in a better place. Its one thing to say that we would react to danger when it comes to us and another to deal with it every waking hour of the day.

Give that friend a hug. Tell them about a story from the past and enjoy this moment. What comes tomorrow is not upto me but I would like more time to put the hundreds of things I’ve let lapse in my life over the years. I may disguise them as a learning experience however truly sometimes I wish I had held my brother’s hand or embraced my parents and told them how much I love them.

munky is telling the world, sharing is caring!

munky is telling the world, sharing is caring!


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