spraycan spectrum

munky is trying to make a color palette out of this one!

munky is trying to make a color palette out of this one!

To see a city like you’ve never seen it before, you need to leave your comfort zone and explore. I know its freezing cold out there but give it a shot and take a walk around. When I’d thought that I had seen most of downtown, I came across these works of art. Some may call it chaos and I will agree that I can’t make sense of anything drawn on this wall. However, you wouldn’t say a child was chaotic just because he scribbled his crayon all over a piece of paper. Likewise, this wall should be looked at as a moleskine for the engaging of local street artists.

Why does all art have to have meaning or fit to regulations of our times? I see this wall and I see colors and lots of them too. Its a smattering of color palettes of various artists. Every person who has added to this wall has added his/her choices of color. The final piece may be mystifying (read; makes no sense) and hence may never draw attention. However, it has caught my eye and I love it.

For a moment there, even I had a feeling that I was rambling on. So I took a closer look at the photo again and discovered that my initial reactions were indeed as true as the first time I had shot this. A true spectrum of spraycan goodness!


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