hello brownie

If my friends had a dog, I’m sure it would be christened ‘brownie’. It perhaps boils down to their religious devotion to nutty pieces of chocolate cake. Or it could have an ulterior meaning but honestly, who cares? The fact of the matter is that when we name our pets, we tend to leave marks of our environmentally charged reasoning. Now those were three words that should never be repeated in sequence outside a philosophical newsletter. What I’m trying to say simply is that in naming our pets we leave an impression of what we want around ourselves in them. We do so by giving them such names so that we can enforce our ideologies on them.

I may have angered a very dear friend of mine with that comment. But my intentions are not to hurt but to place even my random thought on the matter. So before I begin a pets naming war, go ahead and check out the shot above that I took at the local canoe livery.

munky likes those sharp whiskers!

munky likes those sharp whiskers!


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