real football

For the record – American football is not football. You use your foot for the field goal and that is about it. So anybody who has an issue with that can go take a hike. I’m honestly sick of explaining this to people. You’re better off calling American football – Babytosser. Now I know thats a little crude but honestly with all that protection (think rugby first!) and the way you cradle the ball, its akin to tossing a baby around the field.

The most popular sport in the world is ‘football’ (for the sake of my detractors – that is soccer). The skilled use of the feet really makes this game worth calling it what it deserves to be called. But arguing with Americans about why some things are right is insane. Take for example the metric and the English system. We all know NASA has messed up putting in values of metric for a system designed to use the miles/inch measurements. Why have this divide? But my concern has been questioned by millions perhaps who’ve shown up in 32deg weather only to realize it was freezing cold and not a warm day instead.

munky is shouting 'football! futbol! football'!

munky is shouting 'football! futbol! football'!


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