three unknowns

A few days ago when we still had snow covering the streets, I spotted these. I don’t know what they are. The shot tends to make them look slightly larger than they are. I might throw in dandelion to just say something for them, but I’m probably incorrect. I imagined dandelions to be light, feathery objects that would float in the air. So I’m pretty sure these aren’t dandelions. So what are they? Please put me out of my nomenclature and taxonomy miseries.

Whatever they are, nature managed to place them in a perfect harmony on the surface. I also have certain theories about the marks trailing the  right two objects. I think, the wind rolled them over the surface creating those marks. Another contention is that squirrels probably checked them out. However the paths are so straight and do not extend to the right and so probably put the squirrel theory out of contention.

What do you think happened here? It might seem like a mundane question and a silly solution-based reasoning. However, when we can talk about the PC vs Mac war all day having absolutely no headway, this question doesn’t seem so trite anymore.

munky is wearing a philosopher's robe!

munky is wearing a philosopher's robe!


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