stop duck

The city of Ann Arbor has seen a surge in ‘duck’ tags left across the city. Its on walls, doors, signs, mailboxes and even lamp posts. The aspect that people are not happy with though is that there is absolutely no art or sense to these placements. They all seem as a boisterous plan to brand ‘duck’ across the city. For all of us now the person behind the ‘duck’ tags is either a narcissistic obsessed with his duck personality or somebody who is trying to prove there is no bigger duck.

For more information on the ‘duck’ tags head here:

To download the wallpaper head here:

munky is staring at the face.

munky is staring at the face.


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One response to “stop duck”

  1. dank dork says :

    hi munky

    there are actually multiple ducks and swallows. they thank you for your exposure and support!

    since you’re kinda a hater though, youll be happy to know they are taking their branding efforts in a different direction. have you see the yellow “ducky” character throw around (i dont think a lot of people have associated this with the tag), or duck’s new hand (usually done in blue) ? effort is being placed on places.

    keep up the blogin’

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