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Kristina Halvorson was a speaker at FOWA (Future of Web Apps) in Miami. She was there to emphasize the significance of using the right copy for the web. My dad is from the Print industry and if there is something he has always stressed on me is the importance of copy. I wish I could have attended the workshop on web copy but alas I was torn between that and interface design tips from Daniel Burka. I chose the latter and it was a rewarding experience.

One thing that Kristina Halvorson stressed at conference was the need for more women to step forward. I agree with her. I know that tech events can be predominantly male audiences (and FOWA was no exception) but you are as welcome as the rest of us. If you think that we will think less of you is completely bullshit. I’m sure some developers and programmers might scoff at the idea of women knowing much about their craft but they are completely wrong. I don’t want to name-drop but it seems sometimes its warranted. All of you Mac developers out there, should think about Susan Kare. She is the person who designed many of the application icons, typefaces and even the Happy Mac icon for Apple.

So spread the word and tell women around you who are doing active work in web development and interface design to speak up and come out. The world is big enough for everyone and the more people on board will accelerate us faster towards innovations in our fields.

About the photograph: I shot this at FOWA. In the background is one of the slides from her presentation. Also kudos to her for making the PC community be seen too. I think she was the only speaker who used a PC.

munky is passing on the message of Kristina to all women!

munky is passing on the message of Kristina to all women!


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