big treat

Trying to find Anokha for BarCampMiami took us down a circular route around CocoWalk before we figured the right address. It seems Anokha had changed its location from where it used to be. This didn’t affect me much as the longer I was outside, meant more street photography time. This pigeon seems to have found itself a big treat here. He eyed it for a while and I’m glad I caught it in my frame. He was contested for this piece of bread by a little sparrow too but when you’re looking as royal as this bird and giving that big yellow eye, the sparrow had to accept defeat. I like the change in the walkway stones too. It makes it seem like the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ situation.

munky likes the contrasting background on this shot!

munky likes the contrasting background on this shot!


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2 responses to “big treat”

  1. Adithya says :

    Hey Mayank,

    Amazing pictures man. Just had a suggestion though. Something that might be helpful for people (like me) who get inspired to take photographs like yours — why don’t you put info like camera model, shooting settings (ISO, shutter speed etc) and post processing methods with your pics. That way…we appreciate the amazing pics and at the same time we learn something new too. 🙂

    Keep it Up man. Can’t wait for the day when some picture you take makes it on the cover of NatGeo or Time 🙂


  2. mayankgarg says :

    Thanks for the suggestions man!

    I will definitely start putting in the EXIF data from now on. I’ve done it for some photos but its a pain to manually enter them. I would prefer some form of EXIF plugin for wordpress that would pick the values from the file.

    In the meantime, I will start putting in the data manually. Thanks once again for the encouragement!


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