michigan perspective

I absolutely love Michigan Theater. It and State Theatre, together showcase some of the best films in Ann Arbor. Its great to be connected to the Indie scene directly on campus without having to scour limited screening theatres. Apart from its quality offerings, its decor is beautiful and remniscent of lavish theaters from the 30s. It was originally built in 1927, renovated in the late fifties and almost demolished in the late seventies. However, this icon of Ann Arbor has been adored and loved by one and all here.

Photograph Specs: 35mm, f/5.6, 1/60sec, ISO-100

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munky is in a black&white mood!

munky is in a black & white mood!


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3 responses to “michigan perspective”

  1. Laura Gabriel says :

    This is a beautiful photo of the Michigan Theater Marquee!

  2. mayankgarg says :

    Thanks! I absolutely adore the Michigan Theater and its decor. I was sad to have missed the roadshow showing of ‘Che’.

  3. Lee Berry says :

    This is a very special week in Ann Arbor and at the Michigan Theater. The 47th Ann Arbor Film Festival opens tomorrow, screening 125 films through Sunday the 29th (Winners’ Night).

    On Friday the 27th, local NPR affiliate WEMU arrives to broadcast the daytime portion of its Spring On-Air Fundraiser from the Grand Foyer of the Theater through Saturday, April 4. Liberty Street will be the place to be.

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