compuware fall

I attended Startup Weekend in Detroit over the past couple of days. It was a harrowing yet inspiring experience. And, so was the location. The Compuware building is much more elegant than the company’s state right now. This ornate waterfall setup in the atrium lobby of the large building is a sight to behold. I managed to capture this HDR using three 1/10 sec shots spaced at 0.33 exposure stops. A truly beautiful render came out through Photomatix.

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3 responses to “compuware fall”

  1. bridget says :

    This is an awesome photo. I work in the marketing department at compuware and have seen many photos taken by professional and non professional photographers — this is one of the best. I would love a copy if possible — don’t worry i woud never use it for any public use without buying the rights – i am just wondering if I could get a copy for my desktop! Please watermark it if you can with your website/ information.


  2. Larry Wilson 3 says :

    Mayank this is a great photo you do really well with that sony alpha. Keep up the good work.

  3. mayankgarg says :

    Thanks Larry! I was extremely excited to see that it came out as I wanted it to be.

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