cyclist pan

Panning is a technique of photography that is not instinctive. Its hard to master and utilize. Those who are good at it have gotten there with lots of practice. Freezing a frame is one thing but panning to maintain focus or therein show movement is a greater artform. It speaks through the image. It gives it the element of motion which is the major differing point between images and videos. Maybe it wouldn’t transition into a continuous motion but transitively I think its an added dimension. I digress, but this is my first attempt at it. I haven’t played with panning much and as you can see its not the best tack sharp shot.

Photograph Specs: 140mm, f/5.6, 1/6sec, ISO-400

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munky is attempting to learn panning!

munky is attempting to learn panning!


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One response to “cyclist pan”

  1. James Howe says :

    I really like the feeling of motion in this shot. I like the fact that the cyclist is also a bit blurry along with the background. Very interesting shot, nicely done!

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