Law Quad

This is my 200th photograph on this blog. I can’t begin to think that I would have reached this milestone back when I began the blog in September 08. I’m glad to have so many people drop by enjoy my photos and sometimes, leave me comments too.

For the 200th photo, I wanted to have something, I’ve never posted earlier. Law Quad is home to the Reading Room which is honestly too quiet for me. However, this quad is built in English gothic style and its a sight to behold. Its perhaps the most photographed place on campus. My blog won’t be a good judge of that as this is my first entry on Law Quad. I processed the photos in HDR to give the royal golden feel to the result. I like the sharp details carved into the face of the archway.

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munky is ecstatic about the 200th photo!

munky is ecstatic about the 200th photo!

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3 responses to “Law Quad”

  1. SalomeD says :

    Wow, this is amazing! It almost looks like a drawing rather than a photograph

  2. mayankgarg says :

    Thanks Salome! I like that about HDR. Its ability to make photos look like paintings is its best appeal.

  3. Abinav Rameesh says :

    Nice picture, seriously amazing.

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