noisy vines

The snow has melted away leaving bare vines covering the walls of CCRB (Central Campus Recreation Building).

Photograph Specs: 20mm, f/11, 1/60sec, ISO-100

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munky is not put off by noise!

munky is not put off by noise!


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3 responses to “noisy vines”

  1. Adithya says :

    Look at the side of the power center building (the side that you can see when u’re coming on glen toward huron)…..the vines look amazing…..i saw them the other day but didn’t have my camera on me

    Another good spot would be the roof of the maynard parking structure…..u get awesome views of campus

  2. mayankgarg says :

    I’ve been wanting to shoot the Power Center for the longest time. The same dilemma of not having my camera on me has struck me then too.

    The roof of Maynard’s parking structure is a great spot. My only issue with it is the metal fencing. It prevents me from pulling my lens all the way in to get a wider shot.
    Parking structures are the best vantage points in a2, considering we don’t have that many tall buildings.

  3. lahoreinhaiku says :

    awesome, awesome picture.

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