dubai metro

I have mixed opinions  about the Dubai Metro. Its definitely a massive undertaking to implement the Metro in a country which has not seen any railways for decades.

The Dubai Metro is technologically beautiful – its unmanned and the algorithm running it must be a work of art. The stations are ultramodern with excellent features such as metal stubs on the floor that provide tactile feedback for the visually impaired. The RFID ticketing system also works unanimously allowing travel across all means – the buses, the metro and the water taxis. But there are some key design flaws too. For example, the display screens at the platforms don’t display the estimated time of arrival (ETA) but instead a large analog clock and a digital current time readout. Why would that be significant, is beyond me? The coach cabins (yes, there is a Gold Class for people with better seats) have more space-consuming and few bars to hang on to. Perhaps, they don’t expect it to be filled to capacity. On my first trip on a Friday evening, the joyride takers were tumbling over each other with each acceleration point. The space in the cabins have been wasted in that respect. The screen announcing the next station is in the centre on a pole. In a heavy crowd, seeing it from a distance is visually impossible. Also, considering they were going all out on this one, perhaps a lighted display of the route map showing the link the train is on and the next station highlighted would have been awesome. Alas, its lacking an interface designer – Care to hire me?

munky thinks the metro needs some design additions!

munky thinks the metro needs some design additions!


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One response to “dubai metro”

  1. mr_monolith says :

    This is a Beautiful pic. I love the explosion of greens and blues there. How did you manage to shoot this?
    On the topic of the Dubai Metro being less than it could be, i seem to have noticed some anomalies in the train computer. At particular junctions, ( when the train is descending into the tunnel from Jafilya to the Burjuman station, and between Jafilya and The Financial Center ) the train decides to crawl about at snail’s pace. this isn’t an exaggeration, I could have jogged faster than what it was doing. Once we reached Burjuman, one of the Train attendants went up to the forward cabin, opened up a bunch of panels to reveal a pretty intense control board, and only after toggling around with did we set out at a proper veolcity. It usually takes me an extra 15-20 minutes , this procedure. And sometimes, it stops completely at stations. it was just yesterday when me, and a cabinfull of annoying kids were stuck at Al Rigga for exactly 40 minutes. There were no trains on the other track either. it was like a server downtime. only it seems to happen everyday at an unknown time!

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