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try others

I love typography. A typeface has the ability to change the purpose of the text. Imagine if you must an essay typed out on Times New Roman and Comic Sans (my examples are not the best but these fonts are universal). I’m sure most of you will agree the message being sent by the two would be miles apart. Similarly, why must the world begin and stop at ‘helvetica’ is beyond me. Its a beautiful typeface and its clarity allows it to be used most places, but it destroys the imagery that is prevalent from typography otherwise.

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stop duck

The city of Ann Arbor has seen a surge in ‘duck’ tags left across the city. Its on walls, doors, signs, mailboxes and even lamp posts. The aspect that people are not happy with though is that there is absolutely no art or sense to these placements. They all seem as a boisterous plan to brand ‘duck’ across the city. For all of us now the person behind the ‘duck’ tags is either a narcissistic obsessed with his duck personality or somebody who is trying to prove there is no bigger duck.

For more information on the ‘duck’ tags head here:

To download the wallpaper head here:

munky is staring at the face.

munky is staring at the face.

inner child

I’ve been reading the words of Pablo Neruda for the past few weeks. His works are not only eye-opening and philosophical, but a sad melancholy permeates through his words. Its almost like an old man sitting at the end of life and writing notes on what mistakes others must not commit. I began out making a wallpaper from a quote of his and ended up traversing down a completely different tangent. I say almost because the text I’ve used for this one is a derivative of the verse itself. So in true essence I must salute the man for bringing out a sudden realization of what his words truly mean to me.

Now I must get back to ‘Funeral Blues’ by W.H. Auden.

The wallpaper is available at: inner child @ deviantART

munky says go and read neruda!

munky says go and read neruda!

first love

When we were kids, the most fantastic object of desire for us were sweet and sugary delights. A result of gobbling down Toblerone pyramids, Kwality ice cream and Cadbury Dairy Milks is evident in the way that my teeth now resemble an old man’s dentures. However, it wasn’t about that fancy new cell phone or the sleek new Lamborghini tearing through the streets of Sweden, but the matrix of interwoven milk and chocolate melodies all combined to soothe us and even entrance us. My parents had one good thing going for them. I was a sleeper, a quiet one. All that chocolate almost certainly always put me to sleep.

The typeface in the design is Univers.

Wallpaper available at deviantART. Follow the link.

munky is remembering 'fill in the blanks'!

munky is remembering 'fill in the blanks'!

hello teal

I’m very fascinated by typography and simple color shades. A picture may say a thousand words but text has the power to show a thousand pictures too. Our information flow in society is regulated through a balance of imagery and text to get the info across to the end user. I love making wallpapers for my desktop. Most of them are very simple with the text getting more preference than imagery.

I created a new wallpaper today to remind myself of how much I hated ‘teal’ in Win95. I seem to have mixed feelings about teal now though. Its a nostalgic reminder of that time. Especially Netscape Navigator with the meteor shower is very clear in my head at this moment.

The typeface is FF Meta Pro. You can see the specimens here –

Download the wallpaper at deviantART.

munky is thinking about clippy the paper clip!

munky is thinking about clippy the paper clip!

ten thousand

There is a certain personal pride in conquering milestones. One such happened for [munkybizness] earlier today. The blog finally crossed 10,000 views.

There are blogs that get 10,000 view perhaps every hour and this milestone might seem almost incomparable to their achievements. However, its a personal victory. I would have never imagined to get this blog off the ground and running to attract views over and over again. I began the blog on 5th September 2008 and today just a week shy of its four month anniversary I have finally felt a sigh of relief breaking into this category. I hope to move from strength to strength and bring more photos and words from my life here.

Thank you all for visiting [munkybizness] and I do hope you enjoy your stay here. If you read something and think that I’m rambling, leave me a comment. If you wish to add to something that I may have missed let me know then too.

munky is screaming 'ten thousand' from every rooftop!

munky is screaming 'ten thousand' from every rooftop!

59 years

The 60th Indian Republic Day was celebrated on 26th January 2009. I made a commemorative wallpaper for the event. I wished to post it earlier however work put me off until now. The text from the wallpaper is transcribed below for you to read.

*** MUNKY’s NOTICE ***

Years come and go but India moves on. Once the Golden Bird of the East, we are again a burgeoning power to be reckoned with. And as fortune comes our way, we must make changes that mark the age of true freedom in our society. We may have been freed in 1947, however countless forces have worked to damage the very basis of our strength – diversity.

There is little hope if we succumb to what others say. We must follow ourselves and make our country a home to all its inhabitants. The journey will be hard and we shall be tested. Lets hold steadfast and cause change that proves to ourselves that we have the power to turn adversity on its head.

Drop these time rotting distinctions in our social structure and instead imbibe the feelings of openness and bravery. We are a strong country and our actions are considerate of others. Bravery must manifest not only on the battlefields but in our personal lives too. We have many elements to face and must be strong.

Above all, we must remember that we are supported by ideologies and sacrifices of countless before us who laid their lives to realize the dream of India – a nation where many with no might shall live to collectively might the world.

*** THE END ***

The wallpaper is available for download at devianART. Follow the link.

Also I’m looking for the video of ‘The Beating Retreat’ held after the Republic Day parade. The video will be of the marching that concludes the ceremonies of the Republic Day. If anybody knows where I can secure a copy, drop me a line in the comments.

munky is unhappy he missed the parade!

munky is unhappy he missed the parade!